New Shoots

Call me crazy – you won’t be the first – but I believe in having dreams.  Writing them down makes them tangible and real.  So here goes…

  1. Facebook ad for this web page (listed 1/22/2015) – I just learned that for $350/year I could have a Facebook ad to bring readers to this site. Update (1/25/2015): I found a way to start a fundraising campaign to help make this dream a reality.  If you have been touched by my posts here or on Facebook, please consider making a secure donation here:

  2. Premium version of this web page (listed 1/25/2015) – There are many more options and formatting styles available with a Premium account.  If the first goal of having a Facebook page is met, I’ll change the campaign and provide more details.

  3. Online “temp” business (listed 1/25/2015) – For a year or two, I have had a dream of training disabled or homebound folks to become “temps” in some business area.  My state is chockablock full of good people who – for one reason or another – have been unable to make it in this world without public assistance.  I would like to find a way to harness their talents and bring them back into the workforce in some way, where possible.  My initial thought was to engage them in word processing or other office-related tasks, but I remain open to other possibilities.

  4. Recovery group for geneticists who have regrets (listed 1/23/2015) – I really believe there are suffering geneticists out there.  I want them to have a safe place to speak their hearts.

  5. Giant Desert Memorial Garden (listed 1/22/2015) – For several years now, I’ve had a dream of turning America’s deserts into a giant “Memorial Garden” with markers representing each abortion made in this country – picture Arlington Cemetery, but much, much bigger.

If these are causes you can get behind in some way other than financially, please contact me privately.  I’ll continue adding to this list as needs become laid upon my heart.  As always, I can be reached via Facebook or by email to


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