Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of the Blessed Mother and my own, I’m taking the tentative step of going back on the air. This site holds a lot of pain, growth, and tears. Part of me would like to delete it. But tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so I will hold off on housekeeping and refocus for now. God … More Happy Mother’s Day


Go with the flow…

Okay, so it’s been a year since I blogged… so what???  What have I been doing?  Well, continuing recovery, of course!  And I must say, it’s been an instructive year.  I think I’m finally learning to “go with the flow…”

Composting the psyche… layer upon precious layer

By the time we hit age 25, we have accumulated a lot of… well, “stuff”… in our psyches.  Some of it is good, like encouragement and love.  Other things are rather stinky… such as hurts, lies, and abuse.  But every gardener knows that when starting a garden, a good compost is of real value. Arguably, … More Composting the psyche… layer upon precious layer