Leaving no stone unturned…

Thanks to all who have followed me from Facebook to the blogosphere… This is brand new territory for me, so bear with me as I navigate this little parcel of the Internet! My hope is that you will find the soil rich beneath the rocks of my experience, and that together we may see them rise and blossom among the thorns.  I pray that each and every person who crosses paths with these posts may be touched in some way, whether profoundly or perfunctorily.  Those of you who are prayerful, please remember me when you interact with the Great Gardener of our lives.  Those who are not, I beg you to offer your words of experience, training and, yes, even criticism.  I often comment that I have learned as much about my faith in my interactions with skeptics and atheists as I have with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  LTR&R


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