Here’s the next post from my initial series on Facebook – I don’t have much to add to it right now so I’ll let it stand as-is.  Sorry it’s so fuzzy… I’m not sure what happened there…

POST #3a of 9

POST #3b of 9


2 thoughts on “COVERING THE ROCKS

    1. Thanks jdawgswords… I think it’s important that this kind of information be shared. People need to know that mental illness isn’t exactly what it’s been portrayed to be. It’s no one’s fault – doctors reach their conclusions based on observations, and often the patients don’t have the wherewithal to clarify. I feel really grateful that I’ve been brought to a point in my recovery where I feel confident in sharing this information and objective enough to do it without emotionally manipulating anyone. Please keep praying for me and my family – that means more to me than you can know.

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