Lion, lioness… kitten

Recently I asked two friends, “If I was an animal, which animal do you think it would be?  What animal do I remind you of?”

The first said, “A lion.”  The second, who knows me better, said, “A lioness.”


This is far from how I think of myself, but it is exactly how I think of my Lord.  He is the “Lion of Judah,” but he is as gentle as a lion could be.  Even more.  He is as gentle as a lamb.

When I look at myself, I see a kitten.  Not a playful kitten – but a newborn kitten.  Very young (at heart), very weak, very much in need of love and nourishment… crying for milk and crying out to be put back in the safety and security of the womb.

But I know I am not that kitten.  I know I am an adult human being with immense value.  I know that I have the ability to choose whether and when to remain that kitten, or to walk, or to play, or to eat or drink, or to work, or to love.

As a single woman with no children, I am in the unique position of being free to explore these abilities with little consequence to others.  Sure, my family wonders and sometimes worries.  My friends and co-workers take up the slack for me without complaint.  My neighbors step in from time to time to show me they support me too.  And God… well… He shows me every day that He loves me and wants me to find the joy of living again.  And slowly… sooooo slowly… I do.

Time will tell whether I receive healing or whether I remain as I am, health-wise… or whether I decline.  But there’s not a person living who isn’t in that boat, physically and mentally, spiritually and eternally.  It comforts me greatly to know that I am surrounded by people who not only want to help me, but love me… some even passionately.

People who have a lot of experience with kittens know that the newborns need their mother most of all.  I’m grateful to have a mother who still takes the time to show me her love, offer me her wisdom, and share with me her wealth – monetarily and, more importantly, otherwise – in so many ways.

I have discovered that I’m not the only one who feels like a newborn kitten.  Most people today are weak and hurting, insecure and in need of care and love.  I pray that each and every one finds the love and sources of comfort and nourishment with which I have been blessed.


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