A Wrench in the Works

Each day, I get up intending to have a “normal” day.  I think, “I will have breakfast, get ready, and go to work.  I’ll have lunch, finish my work and come home.  I’ll do some housework, eat dinner, enjoy some leisure time, and sleep… and then I’ll get up and do it again.”  But somehow, … More A Wrench in the Works


Being a Lima Bean

Do you remember as a kid in school, planting a lima bean?  You would put dirt into a cup, poke a bean into the dirt, and add water regularly.  Before long, a tiny shoot would grow, bearing what was left of the bean. 

It’s all… okay

I’m going through a depressive period – don’t worry, it’s not emotional and I’m not anywhere close to suicidal… it’s just part of the ride.  So I thought I’d share with you a couple of the songs that help me get through these periods:


Here’s the next post from my initial series on Facebook – I don’t have much to add to it right now so I’ll let it stand as-is.  Sorry it’s so fuzzy… I’m not sure what happened there…

Follower Welcome

A big welcome to new follower Greg Mercer MSN – I’ve only glanced at his blog but it looks like he shares good nursing-related information: Big Red Carpet Nursing  Glad you’re reading here, Greg!