Nothing to say today…

Yes, so I woke up early, ready to craft a wonderful new blog post, and I wrote quite a bit, but it was kind of all over the map so I decided to just save it as a “Draft”.  The times after my episodes and near-episodes are always so difficult.  All that energy that was at my fingertips is gone, and once again I am just coping, just managing to cover the bases… just getting through the day. It’s good that I can call a day when I just manage to get through “good” now – at least I did everything I should: taking pills, eating, going to work, etc.  I know it’s awful to wish you were back at the beginning of the episode (or, in this case, near episode)… when the energy is ramping up, and the creativity comes so easily.  I don’t love the episodes, but as things are beginning to even out, I’m looking forward to the time when I can go longer than a week or two without feeling like energy and creativity are gone.


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